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Darbo sutarčių nutraukimas Lietuvoje ir Slovakijoje (anglų kalba)

The increasing demands for flexibility on the labour market jeopardize employment security. Most countries are reinforcing relationship known as the “flexicurity” thesis. One of main aspects of flexibility is using principle “easy hire, easy fire”. Using comparative data for Lithuania and Slovakia, we assess the differences across the countries in the field of termination of employment contracts. The outcomes confirm that different countries are using same principles for termination of employment relations. It must be stated that employment security is in higher level than flexibility in terms of termination of employment relations. It is relatively difficult for an employer to fire employees because of the notices and the necessity for a reason for the dismissal. By such formal and strict firing process, the countries create hesitation among employers to hire when the economy is changing.

Key words: flexibility, flexicurity, employer, employee, employment contract, termination of employment contract.